Where to Start with Collectable Guns

Collectors of all sorts know that making their first “collection” purchase is far from their first step. Gun collection is no different, and of course with the nuances and details related to collectable, historic, or otherwise appealing firearms, a good foundation is definitely in order. There are many things to keep in mind and a general education to be undertaken before even starting down the road of collectable guns. Of course, a good relationship with your local gun shop is a great place to start, but certainly not the only important ingredient. Many collectors start out by just identifying the very general area that their collection might cover.


With the tremendous variety of firearms available, both modern and historic, most collectors are unable to have a fully comprehensive collection. So, many pursue one of many directions that their gun collection may take. Some may pursue a themed collection, such as guns of the West, World War II guns, guns from any particular war, period, or area – the options are nearly endless. Most individuals have an area of history, or of modern firearms, that appeal to them. A successful gun collector considers the areas that appeal to them, and then researches the general theme within the firearm world to determine whether the volume of weapons available, and the costs of available weapons, match the budget, capacity, and interest of the collector.


When a theme has been perhaps loosely decided upon, the real work begins. Of course, few collectors would consider the process of research and searching for their prized collectables work. This is, to many, the most thrilling part! There are a few things to keep in mind, though. One thing to look for in collectable guns is that they have not been refurbished. To many, the true value of a gun comes from the history it contains. Various markings have been used throughout the world to indicate what a weapon has been through, and removing them to show a clean finish can actually diminish the value of a weapon. Again, a relationship with your local gun shop can help you in this regard. They will understand the difference, by weapon, between healthy maintenance and cleanup, and a refurbishing or modifying job.


Additionally, as one starts their gun collection, they would want to be wary of modified weapons. Again, the same principle applies. The value in many collectors’ items is their history, and modifications can detract from that. If you have concerns about past modifications of a potential purchase, go and get a second opinion.


Many gun collectors have a firearm that they consider to be a “must-have” for any good gun collection. Of course, that may be the case – for their collection. You will develop your own tastes – so while that input may be valuable, stay true to your own vision of the ideal gun collection.


Gun collecting is an incredibly fulfilling undertaking, but a good part of that sense of fulfillment is tied to being thorough at the beginning, and before making a new purchase of every weapon. Use the resources available to you: the internet, gun shows, books, your local gun store, other collectors, and anything or anyone else that can help you on your way. Be patient, find the right pieces for your collection, and you will have a collection that reflects your personality and that you can show to others with pride!

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