Various Options to Sell Your Guns

Imagine yourself, digging a trench in your backyard, and you strike something solid. Something that feels almost like a wooden container. Overcome with curiosity, you clean off the object, and inside you find a dream come true – a chest full of treasure. While this is the point that most stories end, in reality this would be just the beginning. Practical steps, not often the fodder of stories, would have to come next. First, what does the “treasure” consist of? Just because it looks like it is gold does not mean that it really is. Perhaps it looks very old, but that too would not guarantee value. While not the most exciting story, the process of finding out what you really have, what the true value is, and the best way to sell it, is where effort would really pay off.


This scenario, while far-fetched, is easily paralleled with many individuals who own one or more firearms. Sometimes people inherit a weapon owned by another family member, or guns may be accepted in trade for another product or a service. Someone otherwise familiar with guns may find that they are looking to upgrade to a different weapon. Comfort buying and selling weapons will vary greatly from person to person, but there are some commonalities that will apply to most. To begin with, regardless of an individual’s familiarity with firearms, there are a finite number of ways to sell your guns. Depending on state law, used guns can be sold at gun shows. Also, local classified ads may be used to sell a used gun. Again, a smart gun owner will check all state and federal regulations, as certain types of weapons will be more heavily regulated than others.


Trying to sell used guns online to a private buyer is a good avenue. One step in this process is going through a licensed gun dealer, which can provide protection on both ends of the transaction. Of course, any means of selling a used item carries risk. A buyer may lead a seller all the way to the close of the transaction, but then never deliver the funds, or, they may fail along the process as a result of a less-than-stellar background check. There are definitely some negatives when the anonymity of online transactions comes into play.


Another option that many have found to be very useful has been selling directly to gun dealerships, or selling on consignment through a trusted gun dealer. While the potential may exist to squeeze slightly more dollars from a direct transaction (or a nearly direct transaction), the safety that comes from dealing with a local shop has value as well.


Of course, even before deciding the route you will take to attempt to sell your guns, it makes sense to figure out the true value of your used guns. There are several options there, as well. Online research can tell you what is available, and possibly give you a good high and low value for your weapon, assuming it is popular enough among sellers and buyers. Getting the opinion of your local gun dealer, though, can help you determine pricing even more accurately. Your used gun may have issues unique to that weapon, which your gun shop will be able to identify. When entering a transaction, a seller is always better off prepared for anything that may come up, and visiting a local gun shop will help you be as prepared as you can be. Once you have determined a fair value for your weapon, you have a much better idea of what you are selling, and that will help you determine the best way to go about offering it for sale!

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