Used Guns Austin Residents Can Rely On: A Primer On Grading

If you’re interested in buying used guns Austin residents can rely on, it helps to understand how firearms professionals grade weapons. Here’s a look at the standards set by the NRA to evaluate both new and antique guns. Note: this is an introduction to the topic. Further information can be obtained from the NRA or professional collectors.

Categories for Antique Guns

·      Factory new – The weapon has all original parts and a complete factory finish. All design work is fresh and unmarred, and numerals are easily read and clearly present. The bore is immaculate.

·      Excellent – All parts are original and over 80% of the original finish is present. Lettering and designs are sharp, and woodworking and numerals are clear and unmarred. The bore is nearly perfect.

·      Fine – All parts are original, 30% or more of the factory finish is present, and all metal surfaces are smooth with sharp edges. The bore may have slight imperfections and there may be small marks in the wood.

·      Very good – All parts are original, but the original finish may be totally gone or only have a small amount remaining. Metal surfaces are smooth, edges are sharp, and the design, letters and numbers are easy to read. The wood may have minor scratches or bruises. The bore is generally disregarded for collectible weapons whose condition is considered very good and below.

 ·      Good – The gun may include a few small replacement parts, and the metal may have slight pitting or rusting or have been re-blued or cleaned. The numerals and letters are legible, while the wood may have minor scratches or bruises but be in generally good shape. All parts should function as normal.

·      Fair – The gun may have a number of major replacement parts or need a few minor replacement components. The metal may show rust or extensive pitting and have been extensively re-blued or cleaned. The lettering and numerals may be partly illegible, and the wood may show scratches, bruises, cracks, or repair work. The gun should be in working order or easy to put in working order 

·      Poor – The gun may need many replacement parts. The metal may be deeply rusted or pitted, with few or no legible letters or numbers and designs that are difficult or impossible to see. The wood may be severely damaged, and the gun will not be safe to fire without extensive work. Pieces that are considered to be in poor condition should be avoided, regardless of the type of used guns Austin residents are looking for.


Categories for New Guns

·      New – The weapon has never been sold before and is in identical condition to a weapon fresh from the factory. Note: a weapon that is considered to be in new condition is not necessarily “new in box” (NIB). This is an important distinction, as the original box often contributes a significant amount to the gun’s value.

·      Perfect – Also known “as new” or “new other,” the weapon may have been sold or fired, but shows now signs of it upon inspection. Its condition is indistinguishable from one that is considered to be in new condition.

·      Excellent – The gun may have slight signs of use but have no marring or discoloration of the metal, wood, or designs. A small amount of de-bluing at the muzzle or at sharp edges is acceptable.

·      Very good – The gun is in perfect working order, with no visible wear on working surfaces, only minor evidence of cosmetic wear. It should have no pitting or rust. 

·      Good – The gun safely fires with no operational problems, and may have minor wear on working surfaces, with minor to moderate signs of cosmetic wear but no rust. All firearms considered to be in good condition or better are used guns Austin residents can trust to work well without requiring much work.

·      Fair – The gun shoots, and the parts may be worn but replaceable. It may be pitted but should have no rust.

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