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For the average shooter, hunter or sportsman

By Johnny Dury


Upgrading Your Shooting Tool With Something New


    In the world of rapidly improving computer technology, there always seems to be pressure on consumers to move on to bigger, better and more advanced tools to make daily life easier and more efficient.

   Similar pressure, maybe self-imposed or sparked by a friendly comment from a shooting buddy, can be found in the shooting world.  This can be particularly true with seasoned shooters who may be mulling over the possibility of trading a veteran shotgun or rifle for a newer or different model. 

    Many times this decision to trade or offer up a veteran shooting tool for a little tweaking by an experienced gunsmith might come about after a disappointing performance in the field; a missed shot that should have been a trophy-bagging hit; or even the fact that old reliable shooting tool just doesn’t seem to fit as well as it did in the past.

    There are also those shooters who might be considering cleaning out their gun safe of a firearm or two that may have seen little or no use in recent years.

    The most popular firearm trading time at Dury’s Gun Shop is in late March and April when customers bring in quite a few hunting rifles and a variety of shotguns.  In many cases, particularly with older shooters, they are looking for something new in a lighter caliber or a smaller gauge.

    However, the used firearm market keeps our shop busy throughout the year, even when shooters aren’t looking for a little extra money to pay their income taxes or are bored during the down time between hunting seasons.

    Unless a little-used firearm falls into the category of a sentimental favorite, we encourage our customers to consider a trade – maybe bringing out a couple shooting tools from semi-retirement – to find something that will be more fun to shoot and help fire up the desire to get out in the outdoors for some quality shooting time.

    Shotgun shooters might want to bring out an old 12 gauge and trade it in on a lighter sub-gauge because of a desire to experience less recoil.  Upgrading from a pump action or semiautomatic to an over and under may also do wonders for those looking for prime time clay-busting or bird-bagging experiences.

   We have found that a lot of rifle shooters are interested in checking out lighter caliber long guns that will be easier on the shoulder and easier to accurately send lead down range.

    At the very least, it is a good idea to have a veteran shooting tool checked out and tweaked on a regular basis by a gunsmith who can often greatly enhance the performance that old shooting tool.  Adjusting the trigger, properly cleaning the barrel and making sure everything is tight and right can do wonders for making an old rifle or shotgun handle and perform like something new.

    No matter what a customer is looking for – new, used or just something that will make the shooting experience a little more fun and productive – chances are that we can help you find just the right replacement to meet and exceed your needs.

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