Taurus Used Pistols: The Millennium Series

If you’re looking for Taurus used pistols, consider investing in Millennium Series models. Any of these weapons make a fine choice for concealed carry, backup defense, or law enforcement purposes.


A Better, Safer Pistol

The Millennium line of Taurus used pistols integrates old-fashioned craftsmanship with new-tech features to create defensive handguns that are safe, effective and affordable, especially on the pre-owned market. The frames are made from injection-molded polymer, while the slides are built from stainless or blued steel, or titanium in some models. Available chambering options include .380, .32, 9mm, .45, and .40.

Millennium pistols include the Taurus Safety Latch, which prevents these weapons from discharging if dropped accidentally, and requires that the trigger be pulled for each round to fire. This feature meets California’s stringent anti-drop requirements, and is in addition to a safety on the frame and a firing-pin block.

Taurus has released three distinct generations of its Millennium line. The first was double-action only and included 10-round magazines. The second introduced additional safety enhancements, and the third offered single-action options for many models. The third series also comes in a variety of colors and includes options such as tactical accessory mounts.


The Millennium Pro Line

Historically, one of the most persistent difficulties in shooting accurately is the problem of grip shift, which gives a slightly different feel to the weapon from one round to the next. This requires the shooter to readjust mentally and physically in between firing each round, which negatively affects precision. Taurus has tackled this problem with its addition of memory pads to the Millennium Pro line. These are polymer grips that give the user both a firmer and safer hold on the weapon. The Pro series also offers larger magazine capacities, large, more user-friendly components, optional night sights, and a tactile loaded chamber indicator.


Taurus and Quality

While the vast majority of Taurus owners express great satisfaction with their purchase, a small number have voiced concerns regarding the brand’s quality of build, but these concerns have not been found to be valid. Taurus uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, is a leader in weapons safety and innovation, and every Taurus weapon manufactured since 1984 has been covered by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If dissatisfied with the product, the owner can return the weapon to the company to have any defects repaired, and at no cost to him or herself.

While some complaints exist about Taurus weapons having structural or operating issues, these are typically from anonymous posters on the Internet, and similar accounts can be found regarding nearly every firearms manufacturer on the market, including venerated brands like Colt and Smith & Wesson. Better sources of accurate information include reports from known and trusted gun reviewers, firearms publications, and your own experience.


Dury’s Gun Shop’s Famous Lifetime Warranty

When you buy Taurus used pistols or revolvers from Dury’s Gun Shop, you receive two levels of protection: the satisfaction guarantee from the gun’s manufacturer, and our own warranty that applies to every firearm we sell, both new and used. If any weapon you purchase from us proves to be defective, we will either repair it or replace it with an equivalent product at our own expense.

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