Smith & Wesson Handguns for the Shooting Woman

For a long time, gun ownership has been a male-dominated arena. However, as more and more women have become aware of the statistics surrounding gun ownership and self-defense, many have decided that they are interested in purchasing a new or used firearm for concealed carry or for home protection. Many manufacturers are now catering to this demographic, including Smith and Wesson handguns. Concealed carry laws appear to have reduced murder and crime rates in the states that have passed them. States that passed concealed carry laws reduced their rate of murder by 8.5%, rape by 5%, aggravated assault by 7%, and robbery by 3%.*1 It is no wonder, then, that many women enter the market with the intention of making a gun purchase.


This can be an intimidating process for some, however. Because gun ownership has been largely a male demographic for some time, some might feel that finding the right gun for a woman would be a challenge. Likewise, some might worry that even walking into a gun store could be uncomfortable. That will not be the case for women who choose to visit Dury’s Gun Shop. Not only are a significant portion of Dury’s staff female, the president of the company is as well. Dury’s makes every effort to ensure that their customers have a positive experience, regardless of gender.


That does not mean, however, that when it comes to purchasing a handgun, the same weapon will perfectly fit a man or a woman. In fact, leaving gender out of the picture completely, a gun that fits one person may feel completely awkward to the next. Add to that the likelihood that a woman may have smaller hands and potentially a difference in upper body strength, and it makes the case for itself that a person should test the feel of a variety of weapons to find the perfect fit.


Many gun manufacturers offer handguns designed with a woman shooter in mind. Smith and Wesson, certainly a well-known and well-respected name in gun making, is one such company. Smith and Wesson was the first gun manufacturer to design and build a handgun specifically for women. The LadySmith™ has grown to become the most popular small frame handgun on the market. Available as a .22LR, .22 Magnum®, .38 Special, and the larger .357 Magnum®, this weapon clearly meets the requirements of many shooters, and is designed and marketed toward a female audience.


If you are a woman considering a gun purchase for concealed carry, the LadySmith™ might be a great option, but as we mentioned, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” handgun, independent of gender (or anything else, for that matter). Smith and Wesson handguns provide an outstanding range of sizes and calibers, one of which is likely to be a great fit for female shooters.


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