7 Things to Check for When You Buy Used Revolvers

As with buying any pre-owned item, however, it pays to look any potential purchase over carefully.  Here are some things to check for when you buy used revolvers.

  1. Examine the forcing cone at the barrel’s rear.  Serious erosion is a sign that this gun has had a large number of hot loads shot from it.  It might be best to forget this revolver.
  2. Check for cylinder rattle when the hammer is pulled all the way back.  Very slight play is usually acceptable, but pass up any weapon with a shaky cylinder.
  3. The cylinder gap should not exceed .010”.  Cock the weapon to ensure that each chamber lines up with the barrel.  The gap should stay constant.  Also, make sure that the cylinder doesn’t slide back and forth appreciably on the pin.
  4. On a swing-out double action revolver, check the crane to make sure it fits tightly to the frame.  If it doesn’t, you may have a weapon with a sprung crane.
  5. Make sure the ejector rod is perfectly straight.  This can be done by spinning the cylinder.  If it doesn’t turn true, then this isn’t the gun for you.
  6. Check out a double action revolver’s side plate.  What you’re looking for is any signs of warping or pry marks.  Either of those is a sure sign that this gun was disassembled by someone who had no idea what they were doing.  You’ll only be buying someone else’s trouble if you purchase it.
  7. The condition of the firing pin is crucial.  You want to make sure that it is rounded and smooth.  Sharp or broken edges are a major red flag.  The firing pin’s hole should be smooth and clean.  Burrs or chips are a bad sign.  Don’t waste your money on such a weapon.

One sure way to get quality used firearms is to buy used revolvers from Dury’s.  We absolutely refuse to sell any gun that doesn’t meet our stringent standards.  That’s why we back up every firearm we sell with our famous lifetime warranty.  Browse our selection and contact us with any questions you may have about a particular piece.

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