Safety And New Or Used Glock Pistols: 6 Rules

New or used Glock pistols are great firearms options for those who need a reliable home defense weapon. Glock has distinguished itself as a maker of rugged, no-nonsense firearms, which is why their products are trusted by law enforcement departments across the country. If you are in the market for new or used Glock pistols, come to Dury’s Gun Shop for great prices, a lifetime guarantee, and fast delivery to the FFL dealer of your choice.


Studies show that firearms-related accidents have dropped over the last 20 years, which is a testament to the men and women who make up the United States’ gun-owning community. Despite these statistics, however, gun safety in the home is still something that all gun owners should educate themselves and their families about. Below are some rules for keeping gun-related accidents to a minimum.


1: Always Unload

Sporting firearms should always be kept unloaded when they’re not in the field. Self-defense weapons such as new or used Glock pistols should be unloaded as well if they’re not being kept at the ready to defend your home against intruders. Each gun owner should use trigger locks and store ammunition separately from firearms, and even with these precautions, always treat every gun as if it’s loaded at all times.


2: Keep Children Safe

Be certain that children are never able to access your weapons without your express permission and under full adult supervision. Store guns and ammunition in separate, locked containers, and never share their locations with your kids. When the time comes for them to learn firearms safety, there are many excellent programs across the country, including those managed by the NRA. Enrolling your child in such a program is a good way to make sure they are properly educated in how to handle guns safely and avoid accidents. Remember that children may come across a firearm while they’re at a friend’s house or engaged in outdoor activities, so make sure they know to never touch a weapon they find. Teach them that they should leave it alone and notify their parents and/or law officers as soon as possible if the firearm appears to be abandoned.


3: Keep it Clean

Firearms should always be cleaned soon after firing them in order to prevent firing issues in the future. Be sure you have the proper chemicals and tools on hand to do so, and follow safety precautions when cleaning your weapons. The company that manufactures your gun is a great source for further information on this all-important topic, and may suggest additional maintenance steps for your weapon that you should also perform.


4: Be Aware of Where You Aim Your Gun

The only purpose of a home defense firearm to allow its owner to defend the home with lethal force, should the need arise. For this reason, these weapons should never be pointed at anyone unless he or she poses an immediate threat to you or your family. Remember that after you pull the trigger, the action cannot be undone.


5: Familiarize Yourself with Federal, State, and Local Gun Laws

As a firearms owner, it is your duty to know the laws surrounding proper gun use, so be sure you’re aware of the rules that govern ownership and use of weapons, both nationwide and within your city and state. If you disagree with any of these statutes, don’t break them; seek to change them through democratic action, and set a good example for other firearms users.


6: Be Sober

Never handle a firearm when you’ve been drinking or are under the influence of medications that impair your judgment or reflexes. Such substances can affect your ability to know what is safe and what isn’t, thus resulting in a firearms accident.


Remembering these rules will help keep you and your family safe from both criminals and accidental injury. Come to Dury’s Gun Shop if you are interested in learning more about firearms safety, and check out our selection of new and used Glock pistols while you’re here!

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