New And Used Benelli Shotguns: Great All-Around Firearms

If you’re in the market for new or used Benelli shotguns, Dury’s is the place to come. We sell only top-quality new and pre-owned weapons that are backed by a lifetime warranty and are available at great prices. Read on to learn more about the history behind the new and used Benelli shotguns available at Dury’s.

Benelli: Innovation and Excellence

Founded in 1967 in Urbino, Italy, Benelli Armi SpA combines modern manufacturing methods with old-world craftsmanship to produce finely tooled shotguns that meet any need, whether you’re interested in hunting waterfowl, shooting skeet, or defending your home. Benelli is renowned in law enforcement circles for its legendary M3, the weapon of choice for more SWAT teams than any other shotgun. It’s also favored by military forces across the globe. The M3 uses the Benelli proprietary firing system that allows the user to switch from semi-automatic to pump-action with ease to suit the situation at hand. Many civilians rely on the M3 as well for self-protection.

For sportspeople, Benelli offers a wide variety of options in both pump-action and semi-automatic models. The company leads the world in using rugged, lightweight synthetic materials and other innovative products, and when combined with their unmatched quality, new and used Benelli shotguns are always a great choice.

Buy New and Used Benelli Shotguns Online

In the United States, only Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders can conduct legal gun sales, so be sure to have your purchase shipped to the preferred FFL dealer in your area when you buy a gun from Dury’s Gun Shop. Every weapon we sell is backed by our lifetime guarantee, so if you are dissatisfied with its performance or it ever fails to function properly, we will repair or replace it at our expense. Take a moment to browse our great selection, and then order with confidence today.

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