How To Choose The Best Used Handguns for Sale Online

If you’re looking for used handguns for sale online, doing some research is important before making a purchase, particularly if you’re inexperienced with firearms. Below is a guide to some facts that will help you in your search for used handguns for sale online. 

Owning Guns: A Major Responsibility

Much of the media appears to be stridently anti-gun, which is why stories of firearms accidents and mass shooting are covered extensively while accounts of citizens defending themselves against criminals get minimal notice. Despite the slanted attention gun-related tragedies receive, however, certain facts remain indisputable:

·      Compared to other activities, shooting sports are remarkably safe. Of all unintentional deaths in the United States among individuals aged 14 or younger, firearms are not involved 98.5% of the time.

·      Firearms accidents in the home have declined by 50% over the last two decades.

·      The average American is 56 times more likely to die in an automobile accident than from a firearms mishap.

·      Fewer people are injured each year while hunting than while riding bikes, exercising, cheerleading, or playing pool. Statistically, football and roller-skating claim more teenage victims each year than firearms accidents.

·      Firearms safety training has made the vast majority of gun owners well versed in storing, using, and maintaining their weapons safely.

 Despite these encouraging facts, a single accident is one too many. When looking for used handguns for sale online, make sure you’re educated in both the basics of gun safety and the laws governing firearms use in your area, and follow those rules diligently.

Pistols or Revolvers: Both Sides of the Debate

The pistol versus revolver debate has gone on among gun owners for decades, with people on both sides claiming that one or the other is superior to the alternative. The following are some facts that will help you make the best choice for you while considering used handguns for sale online:

·      Revolvers use time-tested designs that have functioned well for decades. They’re simpler in design than pistols, meaning there’s less that can go wrong mechanically. While modern pistols are highly reliable when properly maintained, revolvers are more dependable because of their design.

·      Pistols can carry more rounds at a time than revolvers, and they’re much easier to reload. If you’re concerned that five or six bullets may not be enough to deter attackers, pistols are worth considering for you.

·      Pistols require more frequent maintenance than revolvers, and they should also be fired on a regular basis so their springs don’t lose tension. A revolver, on the other hand, can sit in a drawer for years and still be as functional as the day it was bought. 

·      Revolvers can be me difficult to carry concealed because of the diameter of the cylinder that holds the rounds. Pistols can be just as hard to conceal unless they’re chosen with concealment in mind, but some models are much slimmer than others, making them easier to carry.

·      Neither a pistol nor a revolver will be of any use if you don’t spend time getting to know the weapon and using it. The bottom line to this topic is that the shooter makes the gun, not the other way around.

Stopping Power: Which Caliber is Best?

Just as controversial as the pistol versus revolver discussion is the matter of which type of ammunition is best suited for personal defense, and like the other topic, this one can go on endlessly. Here are some facts that cover the basics and will help you decide what’s best for your needs:

·      The larger a bullet and the stronger the powder charge, the more knock down effect it will have on an assailant.

·      The round’s design plays a major role in how effectively it can stop an attacker. This is why hollow point bullets are immensely popular among defensive shooters; they’re designed to break up inside the target and cause trauma to multiple areas. Steel-jacketed bullets, on the other hand, are never appropriate for self-defense.

·      The more powerful the round, the more kickback it has when fired, requiring the shooter to exercise added control over his or her weapon in order to strike the intended target. This can be difficult, even for those with good aim, because defensive shooting is a high-stress activity that can compromise anyone’s marksmanship skills.

·      All bullets can potentially kill; that’s what they’re designed to do. Each year Americans successfully defend themselves with small .22 caliber revolvers, .45 caliber “hand cannons,” and everything in between. Some petite ladies carry .357 magnum revolvers while some large men tote .25 caliber pocket pistols; it’s a matter of personal preference.

Your best defense isn’t the gun you choose so much as how you use it, which goes back to safety and marksmanship. Both of these areas are important aspects of gun ownership that every gun owner should acknowledge and practice.

Used vs. New

One thing everyone in the shooting community agrees on is that guns are more expensive than ever. This is true for many reasons, including high demand, new features, and the ever-rising costs of labor and materials. One way to cut down on costs is to buy used guns instead of new. If you go this route, Dury’s Gun Shop is an excellent place to start, especially if you are looking for used handguns for sale online, because Dury’s website has a wide array of firearms to choose from.

Come to Dury’s Gun Shop for Used Handguns for Sale Online

Dury’s has been doing business in the San Antonio area since 1959. We enjoy a well-deserved reputation for selling top-quality products at fair prices, backed by superior customer service from our well-trained staff. In addition to our website, we also have a physical location you can visit anytime during regular business hours if you want to look at guns in-person rather than shopping for new or used handguns for sale online. This allows you to avoid making web-based gun transactions, which are heavily regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). If you do decide to purchase firearms online, be sure to do business only with FFL-licensed dealers to ensure a legal transaction.

At Dury’s Gun Shop, we offer a lifetime warranty on every new and used weapon we sell, so if anything malfunctions or is dissatisfactory, we will either fix it or warranty it out. We offer expert gunsmith services, and we can help you get ready for hunting season, offer advice if you have problems or questions regarding your weapons, or assist you in choosing a new gun if you are in the market. If you want to sell your guns, you can bring them to Dury’s too; we buy firearms and firearm collection at fair prices.

In addition to handguns and pistols, we also sell new and used rifles and shotguns, ammunition, law enforcement equipment (Dury’s is a licensed Glock Law Enforcement distributor), hunting-related supplies, and clothing, and we have a wide variety of collectable guns for sale. Whatever your firearms needs, Dury’s Gun Shop can help. Visit our location at 819 Hot Wells Boulevard in San Antonio, or check out our website at if you are looking for used handguns for sale online.

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