For Quality and Reliability, Choose Used Ruger Rifles

Used Ruger rifles are outstanding choices for those looking for a rugged, dependable firearm. Dury’s Gun Shop offers such weapons at great prices and with quality-assurance guarantee, so you can own one of these fine rifles while enjoying savings and peace of mind.


Ruger Company History

William B. Ruger was a skilled metalworker and gunsmith who had successfully reproduced World War II-era weapons in his garage workshop, and in 1949 he founded the company Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. with Alexander McCormick Sturm. In the late 1940s Ruger designed a .22 pistol that combined elements from Japanese, German, and American models, and the resulting firearm, the legendary Ruger Standard, was hugely popular and set the new company on firm financial footing. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. went on to many build award-winning handguns and long arms in a variety of calibers. Perhaps the best-known rifle in the company’s lineup is the Ruger 10/22, another enormously popular .22 caliber weapon. The company’s other models include famous names such as:


·      The Mini-14, which combines firepower and a small frame to create one of the finest carbines in firearms history.


·      The SR-22 rifle, which blends pistol features for ease of handling with the accuracy and magazine capacity of a long arm.


·      The Hawkeye line of bolt-action rifles, made in a variety of finishes and calibers to suit the needs and tastes of sporting enthusiasts everywhere.


·      The Ruger Number 1, one of the finest series of single shot rifles made today.


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