CHL Shooting Proficiency Test

How good of a shot do I need to be to pass the CHL proficiency test?

The CHL proficiency test is comprised of three stages of fire.

  1. 20 rounds from the 3 yard line
  2. 20 rounds from the 7 yard line
  3. 10 rounds from 15 yards

The target is a life size human silhouette with the main scoring area (5 ring) being roughly 12 inches by 18 inches. Time allowed for shot strings is from 1 ½ seconds per shot to 3 seconds per shot, more time allowed for longer distances.  A passing score is at least 70% of the maximum possible. In a typical CHL class, a few individuals will struggle to qualify, and it is not unusual for one or two to fail.

So what are the key points to know before coming to a CHL class?

  1. Understand how your handgun works. This is paramount to safety on the range. Fumbling with your gun on the firing range is not tolerated because of the associated danger.
  2. Understand basic range safety rules – Always, always, always - keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction – when it is your turn to shoot - that means down range towards the target. Keep your finger off the trigger until the fire command is given. Immediately obey the range officer’s command. Again, safety violations are not tolerated.
  3. Practice shooting not only slow fire but also timed fire. The target area is quite generous by some standards but if you have never fired under time pressure, you may be surprised at the affect it has on your accuracy.

If anything written so far causes you even a bit of concern, then we recommend you attend our new two day, week end class, designed to take the new handgun shooter from the basics  to completion of their CHL.

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