Bushmaster Rifles from the View of Law Enforcement

Accuracy, agility, and dependability are the hallmarks of an ideal weapon choice for law enforcement. These three qualities are at the heart of Bushmaster Rifles, and specifically those designed by Bushmaster for use by our law enforcement agents. Whether dressed in blue, in black, in camouflage, or in a Ghillie suit, our law enforcement agents are facing increasingly complex scenarios that require them to be, at absolute minimum, armed equally with those they are charged with facing.

In the past, most local and federal agents may have been able to rely on the basics of a reliable side-arm, along with a tactical shotgun. Many today, however, realize that in the pursuit of criminals armed with assault rifles, automatic weapons, and all of the modernizations that go along with them, law enforcement officers would be at a great disadvantage if they were to arrive with just a Glock and a Remington 870. While these weapons certainly are sufficient for many, there are ample specialized needs that require a weapon designed for building-to-building or room-to-room engagements.

Bushmaster has several options to choose from that qualify well for such operations and are specifically designed to meet the needs of the various branches of law enforcement. Of particular note is the Bushmaster ACR. With a tool-less quick-change barrel, supporting multiple barrel lengths from 10.5” through 16.5” and in multiple calibers, and a multi-caliber bolt assembly that changes from 223/5.56mm NATO to 6.8mm Remington SPC, this weapon can be modified to fit a wide variety of potential scenarios.

Additional selling points of the ACR include its specialized finish, developed in concert by Remington, Bushmaster, and Magpul. The finish is impregnated with dry lubricant, which Remington claims will essentially double the usable life of the weapon’s bore. Likewise, Magpul has developed and sells any number of weapon accessories for the ACR; they are the ideal manufacturer, as they created the weapon in the first place, selling their designs to Bushmaster.

The quickly swappable barrel length and caliber capabilities are just the beginning of the weapon’s adaptive abilities. Customization options and ease of modification make this an outstanding weapon choice for a variety of law enforcement scenarios. Bushmaster’s reputation as a maker of excellent firearms for both military and law enforcement should solidify their ACR as the weapon of choice for both federal and local police and enforcement agencies.

Of course, with the incredible technology tied into the Bushmaster ACR, it also comes attached to a fairly significant price tag. Bushmaster’s M4 platform is likewise an incredible firearm for law enforcement. Amtrak Police recently contracted to purchase 100 Bushmaster rifles on the M4 platform, and for good reason. These weapons are likewise crafted with excellence. They boast a birdcage-style suppressor for control of flash and muzzle rise, and a manganese phosphate outer coating to protect the barrel and all steel parts of the weapon.

What this translates to is a reliable rifle that will last for a very long time and easily stand up to harsh conditions. Bushmaster rifles have truly stood the test of time in both military and law enforcement uses. When your life and the lives of those you are charged to protect depend on the equipment you carry, you have to make that decision very carefully, and Bushmaster Rifles remain an excellent choice.

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