A Sako Rifle: Made for Hunting Season

Born from Finland’s independence in 1917, the Sako Rifle Company emerged in 1921 to meet the needs of the new country’s civil military. Their first hunting rifle was introduced during World War II, the Sako L42. During their 75th anniversary, the Sako 75 was rolled out, marking their more ‘modern’ branch of hunting rifles.

As a gun manufacturer, Sako has a well-earned reputation for well-built, accurate firearms. From the hunter’s perspective, you are hard-pressed to find a rifle that would be more suited to high-value game – those shots that you just cannot afford to miss, whether that’s big game or more dangerous predator hunting.

Sako pays attention to even the smallest of details. As one of the few firearm makers that also manufacture ammunition, they are uniquely positioned to fit their rifles to the cartridges they are designed to fire. For their 85 model, action size is carefully linked to cartridge length, providing optimal efficiency in chambering a round. This attention to detail is clear from stock to barrel.

A Sako Rifle is an example of building an incredible firearm, then improving it until it attains perfection. That’s not to say that there is no innovation – on the contrary, Sako has introduced some novel ideas to the gun world. For example, their Quad series allows a few-second conversion between barrels, providing a 17 Mach 2, 22, 17 HMR, and 22 WMR, all in one rifle.

No matter what sort of game you consider hunting, Sako makes a gun that is a perfect fit. These are guns to last a lifetime, to be handed down to the next generations of hunters – to become family legacies. Being born through nearly a century of improvements and innovations, the Sako hunting rifle truly is a firearm like no other!

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