A Look at the Types of Gunsmith Services We Offer

The Dury Gunsmithing tradition spans three centuries, from the late 1800’s when John M. Dury opened a gun shop in downtown San Antonio, through John L. Dury’s opening of Dury’s Gun Shop in 1959. Today, David Dury continues this family tradition as the current “Dury Gunsmith”, along with Mike Whalen, who brings 25 years of gunsmithing and bluing experience, as well as a gunsmithing degree from Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado.

At Dury’s, we offer a full range of gunsmith services, and a complete list of our services and hourly rates can be found on our website under “Services” and then “Gunsmithing”.  You will find that one of the most important reasons to shop with a trusted dealer is their cleaning and repair services. Over time, even the most conscientious gun owner can build up dirt or excess lubricant, or not be able to get to those hard to reach places with the lack of proper tools or skills.

For the active skeet or competitive shooter, adding a center bead may be an important way to raise your scores and improve accuracy. The bead is not used as an aiming device, but as a reference point to assure you that you’ve mounted the gun consistently and correctly. Adding a center bead as a practice tool will help you create muscle memory to gain the consistency you are looking for.

Often overlooked as a gunsmith service is mounting and boresighting. It is still a skill that takes years of experience to master. Yes there are many that require very little skill and can be done by a novice but stuck screws, stripped threads, broken screw heads can turn easy jobs into pricy repairs that could have been avoided. Proper ring alignment can prevent damage to scopes. Proper screw tightening both in bases and rings can prevent loose mounts in one case or broken or stripped screws in the other. At Dury’s with 57 years combined experience, your mounting and boresighting will be done correctly by professional gunsmiths.

We will take a more in-depth look at gunsmith services in the coming months. Topics will include Glass Bedding, Pillar Bedding, Recoil Pad Jobs, and more. Be sure to come back for some great information!

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