5 Safety Tips For Handling A New Or Used Remington Rifle

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Firearms and firearm safety should always be synonymous. This fact has long been recognized by the sporting community and is why gun-related accidents are relatively rare in the United States, despite what some media sources would have you believe. In this post, we’re going to review the basics of hunting safety. Remington’s website has more information and free brochures on the topic for everyone to print out or read online. Read on for a five-step refresher in hunting safety so you can handle your new or used Remington rifle in an appropriate manner.


1: Point Your Weapon in a Safe Direction

Always carry your firearm so that the barrel is pointed away from people and animals, either down towards the ground or up towards the sky. Treat every firearm as if it’s loaded, no matter how many times you’ve checked the chamber, and only aim it at a living thing if you intend to shoot. This is the most essential basic rule of hunting safety.


2: Keep Your Arms Unloaded When Not in the Field

Sporting weapons should never be kept with ammunition in them unless you’re in the field and actively hunting game. Unload all weapons before you bring them to your vehicle or into camp. Never assume that your firearm’s safety feature will prevent a discharge; even well designed safeties fail on occasion. Unload a weapon before handing it to another person, and follow the rules laid out in your owner’s manual.


3: Be Sure of Your Target and What’s Beyond It

Before pulling the trigger, make sure what you’re aiming at is game or another authorized target; once you pull the trigger, the action cannot be undone. Also be sure that there is an appropriate backstop behind where you’re shooting, such as a hill, dense sand, or a heavy grove of thick trees, so that if you miss, the surrounding landscape features will catch the bullet safely. If in doubt, don’t fire.


4: Use the Right Ammunition

Mixing ammunition types or using cartridges that are not the right size for your firearm is a fast way to hurt yourself or those around you. Some shooters have carelessly loaded their 12-gauge shotgun with 20-gauge shells that got lodged deep in the barrel, and when they added the correct gauge and pulled the trigger with the smaller shells still in place, the gun exploded. This can lead to anything from a ruined weapon to serious injuries to death.


5: Use Care at Crossings

It’s common for sportsmen to cross over streams, creeks, ditches, or fences to get to where their prey is. If you find yourself in such a situation while out hunting with your new or used Remington rifle, always unload the weapon first and then reload it on the other side of the barrier. Failure to do so can result in an accidental discharge.


Following these tips will help to ensure that all your outdoor expeditions are safe, fun, and result in good memories. The responsibility of firearms safety is in the hands of every gun-owner, which is why both Remington and Dury’s Gun Shop encourages education and a safety-conscious attitude, whether you are buying a new or used Remington rifle or any other firearm.

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